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Posted by Robyn Pierce on September 27, 2014 at 1:30 PM

I have come to the realization (belatedly) that my series titled “The Lanistter Chronicles” and my admission on my About page about previously being a fan fiction writer might be misconstrued.

Yes, I used to write fan fiction.

Yes, the name of my series bears a resemblance (who am I kiddin’? It’s the same name spelled differently.) to a very famous fictional family.

None of my books have ever been fan fiction.

In high school, I discovered my love for writing. I joined Gaia Online and began role playing there with people I didn’t know, though they became very good friends over the years. A majority of our best (most successful — i.e. playing it out ’til the bitter end) role plays revolved around a royal vampire theme. One of my closest role playing friends was involved in one of them from the very beginning, and borrowed the name “Lannister” for the royal family.

Eventually, he and I (with permission from some of the other writers in our role plays) decided we wanted to try our hand at writing them out in book form. At the time, we planned to write two novels — one revolving around the American branch of the “Lanistter” family (at that point, we were overly attached to the name. Our “Lanistters” have absolutely nothing to do with the very famous “Lannisters”.) and the other revolving around the European branch of the family.

As time passed, he wrote less and less, and, eventually, told me I could continue on my own. From that point on, I started from scratch, with only the character profiles we’d created together. (At this point, I would like to say that any characters that remained from the good ol’ role playing days were characters whose creators gave us permission to use them. There are only a handful of characters that weren’t completely remade during the entire process.)

I didn’t make much progress while writing until November 2010, during my very first NaNoWriMo, when the first draft of Darkest Embrace (previously titled Dark Castle: New Arrival) was written.

I hope that clears everything up for anyone who ever questioned my Lanistters and their relation to my fan fiction history. (None of those stories will ever be owned up to, though a few still linger about on a fan fiction site…;)





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